Gojo arrives in Shibuya twixtor

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Satoru, a man in his late twenties, is known for his tall, lean, and muscular physique. His facial features contribute to his attractiveness, particularly his vibrant blue Six Eyes and snow-white hair. To keep his hair styled in a spikier manner, Satoru usually covers his eyes with a black blindfold that props it up. However, when he opts for a more relaxed appearance, he wears sunglasses and lets his hair down to reach the base of his neck.

During work, Satoru dons a dark blue zip-up jacket with a wide and high collar. He pairs it with slim-fit black pants and black dress boots. Previously, he used to wear bandages over his eyes before switching to a simple blindfold. Satoru has a penchant for expensive clothing and often combines them with his sunglasses for various casual looks. As a student at Tokyo Jujutsu High, he initially wore the standard school uniform along with his sunglasses before adopting any makeshift blindfold.

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