Mechamaru vs Mahito Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 7

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Mahito is a sadistic and immature cursed spirit who takes pleasure in manipulating human emotions. He perceives himself as the embodiment of human hatred and transgressions, with a fervent desire to see cursed spirits replace humanity.

He lacks empathy for human lives, even his own, prioritizing the revival of Sukuna over his well-being. His dedication to the cause is unwavering, and he doesn’t care if he personally witnesses the eventual dominance of cursed spirits, in stark contrast to his short-tempered and arrogant ally, Jogo. Mahito remains relatively calm and exhibits a playful nature, yet they share common goals regarding their kind.

Possibly due to his origin, Mahito excels at interacting with and manipulating humans, exploiting their hatred, sorrow, and insecurities to bend them to his will, often leading them to act against their better judgment. He indirectly causes the death of Junpei’s mother, manipulating Junpei into believing that Shota Ito was responsible for attracting the curse with Sukuna’s finger, driving Junpei to seek revenge and become a curse user. Mahito’s influence on Junpei is so profound that Junpei initially fails to recognize Mahito’s malevolence, even after witnessing his gruesome experiments in the sewer.

Nanami characterizes Mahito as exceptionally immature and superficial, akin to Satoru Gojo, as he derives amusement from manipulating humans, even during life-threatening battles. He befriends Junpei solely as a source of amusement, coaxing him into becoming a curse user by fueling his hatred. When Junpei’s usefulness expires, Mahito callously uses him as leverage against Yuji and doesn’t hesitate to end his life.

Mahito also exhibits a philosophical side, particularly regarding the concept of souls. He believes that the human soul predates the body and is intrigued by its nature. His cursed technique is a manifestation of this obsession, as he conducts experiments on human victims to further his understanding of the soul.

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