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In his youth, Izana started out as a kind-hearted individual, especially during his time with the Sano family. However, everything changed dramatically when he cruelly learned from Karen Kurokawa that he was not biologically related to his family. This revelation left him feeling lost and bitter, leading him down a path of loneliness and cruelty. He became fixated on the idea of creating his own “kingdom” and resorted to delinquent behavior to achieve it, ultimately forming the S-62 Generation and transforming the Black Dragons into a ruthless organization.

Despite leaving the Sano family, Izana still harbored some love for them, particularly for Shinichiro, who had cared for and mentored him in delinquency. Shinichiro’s death left Izana devastated, and he fell further into despair, neglecting his appearance.

The influence of Tetta Kisaki manipulated Izana and reignited his feelings of bitterness, pushing him towards a path of revenge and violence. Strangely, Izana found solace in Kisaki’s malevolence.

As the leader of Tenjiku, Izana showed little regard for the lives of his own men or his enemies. He viewed his own followers as expendable tools and didn’t hesitate to resort to extreme violence to achieve his goals, even disregarding collateral damage. Izana’s cruelty was notorious, leading to a future dominated by Tenjiku that was described as the bleakest of all, with an incredibly high body count that not even Kisaki or Mikey could escape.

Izana held a disdainful view of everyone, including his fellow S-62 members, seeing them as weak and useless. His confidence was justified by his exceptional fighting skills. Although usually composed, Izana could unravel quickly when things didn’t go his way. When Mikey gained the upper hand in their fight, Izana panicked and even tried to kill Mikey with a gun, refusing to accept defeat.

It was only when Izana was mortally wounded that he found a semblance of peace. In his final moments, he revealed more of his vulnerabilities and showed genuine care for Kakucho, his right-hand man and confidant. Izana’s spirit later played a crucial role in helping Kakucho.

In the final time leap, it is presumed that Izana remained largely the same until his defeat by Toman and subsequent incorporation into the group. After Toman disbanded, Izana reformed Tenjiku into an organization that supported orphans. This transformation allowed him to achieve global influence and recognition, indicating a positive change in his character as he now sought to help those in circumstances similar to his own.

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