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Kasumi Miwa

On the day of the Kyoto Goodwill Event, Kasumi accompanies the Kyoto students and staff to Tokyo College. Upon meeting the students from Tokyo, Kasumi is delighted when Gojo arrives and even receives a souvenir from his trip. Following this encounter, Kasumi participates in a meeting with the other Kyoto students and Principal Yoshinobu. During the meeting, Yoshinobu instructs them to eliminate Yuji, who is the host of Sukuna, during the event. Kasumi silently disagrees with this directive. After Aoi Todo and Yoshinobu leave, Kasumi confers with the other students on how to handle the situation.

When the event commences, Kasumi and her peers locate Yuji and surround him. As Mai Zenin lures Yuji towards her, Kasumi attempts to attack him, but Yuji manages to evade her. Aoi forces the Kyoto students to withdraw from their mission to kill Yuji, and Kasumi is relieved by this development. While retreating with Noritoshi Kamo, Kasumi and Noritoshi cross paths with Megumi Fushiguro and Maki Zenin.

Engaging Maki in combat, Kasumi explains her desire to use the event as an opportunity for advancement and to support her family. Kasumi and Maki engage in a fierce battle without holding back. During their fight, Kasumi realizes that Maki is far more formidable than what Mai had previously informed her. As Maki’s attacks put Kasumi on the defensive, she decides to adopt a defensive stance to counter them. Kasumi is surprised when Maki breaks her weapon and is left wondering how she accomplished it. As Maki tosses a fragment of her shattered weapon at Kasumi, she effortlessly blocks it but notices Maki has thrown a kunai. When Maki approaches, Kasumi defends herself but realizes her feet have shifted out of position. She plans to readjust but is thrown by Maki and disarmed. Kasumi requests her sword back, but Maki declines and departs.

Amid her confusion about what to do next, Kasumi receives a call from Mechamaru. Upon answering, she finds Toge Inumaki on the line, who puts her to sleep. While intruders infiltrate the event, Kasumi remains fast asleep.

After dealing with the intruders, Kasumi attends a meeting and agrees with the others to continue with the event. On the event’s second day, Kasumi participates in a baseball game with the others. When the event concludes, Kasumi returns to Kyoto along with the students and faculty.

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