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Goku Black

Goku Black initially retained the politeness and grace of his past self during his first confrontation with Goku after gaining his new body. However, his personality underwent a significant transformation following his wish to switch bodies with a Saiyan, resulting in a drastic shift in characteristics. Similar to his future counterpart, he became sadistic, callous, bloodthirsty, and hypocritical. Despite justifying his actions as “justice” when eliminating most of Earth’s population, including Bulma, he displayed a strong appetite for violence, taking pleasure in provoking anger in Goku from the main timeline within Universe 7 by killing Chi-Chi and Goten from the unaltered main timeline.

Goku Black’s brutality and ruthlessness became evident as he coldly tortured his foes and targets, intending to prolong their suffering as much as possible. For instance, he fractured Future Trunks’ arm and relentlessly launched ki blasts at his helpless opponent. Interestingly, Black seemed to derive some masochistic pleasure from enduring pain inflicted by others, motivated by his newfound love for battle and his desire to grow stronger with each attack on his new body. This inclination appeared to be influenced by Goku from the same universe’s timeline.

Occasionally, Goku Black exhibited signs of instability, including bouts of deranged laughter, particularly during his initial encounter with Goku from the main timeline. He also experienced sudden mood shifts, such as when he explained his motivation for eradicating mortals.

While he was willing to kill indiscriminately, Goku Black preferred engaging in combat with formidable adversaries, often withholding his full power to prolong the enjoyment of a battle, always striving to stay one step ahead of his opponent. Like Goku from the unaltered main timeline, he possessed unwavering determination, never wavering from his goals, such as his commitment to pursuing Future Trunks after the latter escaped to the past. He shared Goku’s sense of self-reliance, seeking to enhance his strength through personal effort rather than taking shortcuts, despite his existence as Goku Black being a shortcut to power—this set him apart from his counterpart. Unlike Future Zamasu, who regarded immortality as an ideal trait for a god, Goku Black openly expressed disinterest in such power. He displayed vanity, boasting about the beauty of his Super Saiyan RosĂ© form and claiming it to be a pinnacle of beauty, having been achieved by his own hands.

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