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Dio Brando

Upon his initial arrival at the Joestar Mansion as a young child, Dio was dressed in the customary formal attire for boys of that era: a blue coat, a white dress shirt, a tie, suspenders, breeches, and striped socks. He possessed blond hair and bore three moles on the lobe of his left ear. When engaging in boxing, he opted for a shirt with rolled-up sleeves, overalls, and boxing gloves.

As an adult, Dio’s wardrobe saw minimal changes, save for the substitution of his coat with a vest. However, his physique and stature experienced a significant augmentation. During the period when Jonathan embarked on a quest to find a cure for his father’s ailment, Dio adopted a top hat and a new, flamboyant cloak adorned with protruding feathers at the shoulders. Yet, after employing the Stone Mask to transform into a vampire, Dio underwent a profound metamorphosis. His once-neat hair became unruly and unkempt, his eyes grew sharper with a darker contour, and he sprouted fangs. His attire also underwent notable alterations following his initial clash with Jonathan, with the most conspicuous addition being the scarf around his neck. He sported an ornate, dual-toned shirt paired with matching breeches, large boots, vambraces, and two suspenders fastened to a band encircling his waist.

In an interview, Araki cited the film Blade Runner as a significant influence on his work, particularly Dio’s blond hair and robust physique, which he attributed to the character Roy Batty from the aforementioned film.


At the outset of Part 3, DIO’s countenance remained concealed due to the shadowy ambiance of his mansion. His hair, a blond cascade, reached shoulder-length, and he often appeared shirtless, revealing Jonathan’s robust physique, to which his head was affixed. Owing to their prolonged fusion, Jonathan’s body had assumed a pallor so extreme that it seemed almost translucent. He adorned himself with pants equipped with suspenders, boots, gleaming cuffs on both wrists, and heart-shaped knee guards. This iteration of DIO is commonly known as Evil Incarnate DIO or Shadow DIO.

By virtue of his vampiric nature, DIO was frequently described as an exceptionally alluring being, with Avdol noting an enchanting sensuality emanating from him. His voice resonated with a deeply soothing quality, and his gaze possessed a piercing intensity. Many of his subordinates regarded him as handsome, even beautiful, or in some way, profoundly awe-inspiring. Any affront to his visage would incite intense ire, as exemplified by Vanilla Ice, one of his most devoted followers. DIO’s supernatural charisma played a pivotal role in amassing his army, and despite the terror his presence instilled, many who encountered him felt an inexplicable sense of tranquility.

Upon his revelation, DIO donned a jacket over a snug tank top, complemented by chaps featuring an exposed crotch. His countenance was now fully exposed, crowned with a circlet adorned with hearts to match his knee guards. This marked his appearance at the outset of the DIO’s World story arc. In most portrayals, DIO’s attire bore shades of orange or yellow. A necklace concealed the scar on his neck, while heart motifs adorned his feet and pant legs, although he soon discontinued them following a confrontation on a staircase with Polnareff. In pursuit of the Joestar group, DIO initially wore a cloak, but later discarded it during his encounter with Kakyoin.

Following the consumption of Joseph Joestar’s blood, DIO’s visage underwent another transformation, though it retained similarities to his earlier revealed form. The jacket and heart-shaped headband were absent, having been destroyed by Star Platinum’s assaults. His appearance now exuded a deranged and homicidal aura, with disheveled hair that mostly stood on end, and darker lips that appeared as if adorned with lipstick. This represented his primary form during the latter portion of the DIO’s World story arc, often referred to as High DIO in Japanese media.

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