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Yuji Itadori

Overall Skill Level: Yuji is regarded as one of the most formidable and gifted students in his school, with Satoru Gojo placing him in the same league of potential as Yuta Okkotsu and Kinji Hakari, believing that these three students will eventually surpass his own strength. Despite his recent entry into the jujutsu world just a few months before the Shibuya Incident, Yuji demonstrates the ability to engage and vanquish Grade 1 and Special Grade curses. His exceptional physical abilities, coupled with his adept use of cursed energy, grant him the capacity to contain Sukuna without adverse effects. This, in turn, empowers him to inflict harm upon Mahito, who would otherwise be resistant to injury due to his control over the shape of his soul.

In terms of raw physical strength, Yuji exhibits impressive capabilities even without employing cursed energy. He can effortlessly demolish walls, hurl lead balls with enough force to bend a soccer goalpost, and even launch a car. His combat prowess, especially his strength, can be further enhanced through the utilization of techniques like the Divergent Fist and the Black Flash, enabling him to exorcise cursed spirits. His unique strength has drawn comparisons to Kento Nanami, a Grade 1 sorcerer. Notably, he is capable of inflicting damage on Hanami and Choso, two curses known for their exceptional durability. During his confrontation with Sukuna, Yuji executed a twenty-story leap between buildings to reach him after Sukuna took control of Megumi’s body. In this same battle, Yuji managed to propel a massive chunk of rubble towards Sukuna, momentarily halting the curse spirit.

Yuji’s swiftness and reflexes are equally remarkable, demonstrated by his ability to cover a 50-meter track in a mere 3 seconds, suggesting speeds of up to 60.12 km/h (37.3 mph). He has successfully evaded attacks from all five opposing sorcerers from the Kyoto School who sought to eliminate him. His exceptional reflexes are further evidenced by his ability to dodge Choso’s Piercing Blood, which moves at the speed of sound. In the intense battle against Sukuna while inhabiting Megumi, Yuji demonstrated the capability to keep pace with their extraordinary speed and reflexes, despite sustaining serious injuries from a prior engagement.

Yuji’s endurance surpasses that of the average sorcerer. He withstood a relentless barrage of blows from Choso during their encounter, and even an attack as swift as the Piercing Blood, which travels at the speed of sound, did not immediately breach his defenses. He also demonstrated the resilience to withstand numerous assaults from Mahito in his Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing form, continuing to fight on. After Sukuna assumed control of Megumi’s body, he subjected Yuji to a devastating series of blows, sending him through multiple buildings. Remarkably, Yuji survived this onslaught and went on to engage Sukuna with Maki’s assistance.

In addition to his extraordinary physical attributes, Yuji possesses a remarkable level of stamina, allowing him to persevere through prolonged battles despite severe injuries, such as when he lost a hand and had his fingers disintegrated while combating the Finger Bearer, enabling Megumi to escape with Nobara. He also demonstrated the capacity to withstand multiple poisonous stab wounds in his attempt to prevent Junpei from causing harm at his school. Even after sustaining damage from Mahito, Yuji displayed the resilience to continue his offensive.

A keen and diligent learner, Yuji excels at quickly grasping new concepts, evident in his rapid progress during Satoru’s Movie Appreciation Training and his prompt assimilation of Aoi Todo’s advice. Akutami notes his proficiency in cooking among the first-year trio. Yuji adeptly combines martial arts with cursed energy, mastering it to a level where he can confront even Special Grade curses. Notably, he achieved the feat of consecutively using Black Flash shortly after learning of its existence.

Renowned as one of the preeminent martial artists in the series, Yuji’s combat skills are exceptional. He is capable of engaging in fierce battles with Aoi Todo, a highly skilled martial artist, and can effortlessly dispatch Semi-Grade 1 cursed spirits. Yuji’s fighting style is characterized by its acrobatic nature, enabling him to strike from various angles and evade incoming attacks. This versatility grants him both potent offensive and defensive capabilities. Additionally, Yuji is proficient in Taido Martial Arts, utilizing techniques like the Knee Release to redirect his momentum towards his opponent’s feet, and the Manji Kick, a powerful move that, when infused with cursed energy, can harm cursed spirits.

As the host to Sukuna, Yuji possesses a resistance to various forms of poison, allowing him to endure their effects without significant harm. This resilience was demonstrated during his confrontation with Junpei, where he resisted the effects of Moon Dregs’ poison.

Despite lacking formal training in weaponry, Yuji’s exceptional physical prowess and innate talent enable him to quickly attain proficiency in their use.

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