Ron Kamonohashi Twixtor (Deranged Detective)

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Ron Kamonohashi

Stepping into the intriguing world of high-stakes investigations and crime-solving, we encounter Ron Kamonohashi, an enigmatic figure who stands out in the realm of detective fiction. With a lineage that traces back to iconic detectives and a history steeped in mystery, Ron’s story is one that captures the essence of true detective work, amplified by his unique approach and unparalleled skills.

Who is Ron Kamonohashi?

Ron Kamonohashi is not just any detective; he’s a mastermind known for his exceptional analytical skills and the unmatched ability to solve even the most perplexing cases. As a top-performing student with an illustrious record at BLUE, his reputation precedes him. However, a shadow from a past incident that led to the revocation of his detective license still looms large. Undeterred, Ron partners with the renowned investigator, Totomaru Isshiki, ensuring that justice is served.

A Lineage of Legends:

Digging deeper into Ron’s background, we uncover a legacy of legendary detectives. He is a proud sixth-generation descendant of the world-famous Sherlock Holmes and also holds the distinction of being a ninth-generation descendant of the cunning antagonist, James Moriarty.

A Glimpse into His Persona:

Physically, Ron is a picture of elegance with his slender frame, striking black hair, and deep sky-blue eyes, often concealed by his unkempt bangs. These eyes, however, become the focal point during his intense deduction sessions, revealing a depth of knowledge and insight. There’s also a mysterious aura that envelops him, especially when he’s pushing suspects to their limits.

Drawing from his lineage, Ron inherits his distinctive height, physique, and captivating eyes from his ancestors. His commitment to physical fitness is evident as he dedicates four hours daily to rigorous workouts.

The Turning Point:

Delving into his past, Ron’s appearance wasn’t always as we know it today. Prior to the haunting “Bloody Field Trip Case” incident five years ago, Ron sported a neatly slicked back hairstyle, exuding an air of sophistication. This traumatic event not only changed his appearance, leaving a distinct “96” scar on his neck but also altered his life’s trajectory.

Signature Style:

Ron’s laid-back style resonates with many. Often seen in comfortable loungewear comprising a crisp white shirt, a classy black cardigan, relaxed gray sweatpants, and sleek black slippers, Ron also has a penchant for quirky clothing. Whether it’s attire featuring the cute platypus or garments inscribed with names of delectable Japanese sweets like anmitsu kanten and kuromitsu, Ron’s wardrobe choices are as intriguing as his cases.


Ron Kamonohashi is a name that echoes in the hallways of detective fiction, representing a blend of legacy, skill, and enigma. If unraveling mysteries and decoding the human psyche fascinates you, Ron’s journey is one you won’t want to miss.

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