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Marin Kitagawa

In today’s beauty and fashion world, Marin stands out with her unique cosplay style. She wears a black shoulder-length wig, a popular choice among beauty bloggers, with a radiant violet tint. Complementing her luxury wig, her bangs gracefully cover her forehead, extending just above the premium fake eyelashes she sports. These eyelashes, a favorite in professional makeup tutorials, are designed to be longer on the outer corners, creating that sought-after droopy eye look.

She’s also a fan of trendy purple color contacts, adding an additional layer to her eye makeup. A bold red eye shadow completes the look. In the world of beauty transformations, she’s chosen to reshape her eyebrows, drawing them to best mimic her desired expression. Her black mob cap, adorned with three artisanal red roses, has a delicate embroidered rose pattern, showcasing the intricate fashion design trends of today.

Marin’s black maid gown, a nod to vintage fashion, features frills where the arm meets the torso. The designer cuffs are extended to give a cone-like appearance, ending in ruffles. Enhancing her couture look, she wears a brown leather choker attached to a metal ring, complemented by a chain and a tie. The dress’s design is accentuated with NuBra’s stacked beneath the breast pockets, a luxury fashion accessory that enhances the bust area. The dress layers, including a crinoline for volume, flaunt rose embroidered patterns and frills.

Her legs are adorned with black rose embroidered stockings, a must-have in fashion wardrobes, held up by a garter belt. And for those who love unique fashion details, the number 17 is marked on her thighs in Chinese tally marks. This curious detail might be a reference to the intriguing title “Saint ♡ Slippery’s Academy for Girls – The Young Ladies of the Humiliation Club: Debauched Miracle Life 2”.

A closer look at Marin Kitagawa reveals her natural beauty. With a slim waistline and light skin tone, her natural eye color is dark brown. However, she often opts for luxury dark pink color contacts, especially when not in cosplay. Her hair, with a celebrity-inspired ombré transition, flows from blonde to pinkish-red or citrus orange at the tips.

Marin’s fashion-forward sense extends to her choice of accessories. Her multiple silver ear piercings, including a captive bead ring and various studs, are an embodiment of high-end fashion jewelry trends. While in the manga, she flaunts a tongue piercing, the anime adaptation chose to omit this detail.

At school, Marin’s uniform comprises a white button shirt, a navy-blue tie, and a plaid skirt, completed with black socks and brown shoes. Her love for accessories is evident with her black choker, bracelets, and rings. Outside of school, Marin’s designer wardrobe is versatile, with outfits for every occasion.

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