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In the world of anime merchandise, many fans eagerly hunt for collectibles, and one name that often appears on their wishlist is “Red-Haired” Shanks. Popularly termed “Red Hair”, Shanks is the renowned captain of the Red Hair Pirates and stands tall among the Four Emperors ruling the New World – a title often featured in premium anime box sets.

From his early adventures aboard the Roger Pirates’ ship, a frequent topic in online anime forums, Shanks embarked on his pirate journey alongside Buggy. After Roger’s demise, which has led to various anime theories, Shanks formed his iconic crew. It was in the East Blue, approximately twelve years ago, that he met a young boy named Monkey D. Luffy. Shanks’ influence was so profound that he inspired Luffy, today’s infamous pirate protagonist of One Piece. Memorable moments include gifting Luffy the Gomu Gomu no Mi and risking his arm for Luffy against the Lord of the Coast. Fans across the globe actively search for replicas of the straw hat once owned by Gol D. Roger and later Shanks, which now symbolizes Luffy’s journey.

Throughout the One Piece storyline, which many binge-watch on popular anime streaming platforms, Shanks remains pivotal. His appearances in the Marineford and Wano Country Arcs, and in One Piece Film: Red (centering on Uta, Shanks’ adoptive daughter), have spiked search engine queries.

Described as a tall, muscular figure, Shanks’ red hair remains his defining feature – an often-replicated style in anime cosplay events. His unique grayscale hair depiction in the manga sets him apart. Moreover, the three scars over his left eye, attributed to Blackbeard, remain a topic of discussion in anime podcasts. Besides physical attributes, his clothing style, especially the straw hat from Gol D. Roger and his distinctive attire, makes him a fan-favorite in anime fashion trends.

Shanks’ younger days, from 9 to 14, featured him with Roger’s straw hat and simpler clothing, igniting nostalgia among fans who delve deep into the manga’s early chapters or re-watch older anime episodes.

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