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Discover the mystique of the Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga (Yatsuka-no-Tsurugi IkaishinshĹŤ Makora), the unrivaled pinnacle of the Ten Shadows Technique’s shikigami. Throughout history, no practitioner has managed to tame the formidable presence of this ancient technique, making Mahoraga an enigmatic force. The invocation process involves a distinctive incantation, with the user reciting “With this treasure, I summon…” (Furube Yurayura?) before proclaiming the Divine General’s name. Diverging from the traditional shadow puppet formation, the user extends both arms forward at a slight upward angle, fists clenched, bringing forth this extraordinary shikigami.

Mahoraga materializes as a colossal humanoid figure, muscular and towering, adorned with four wings emerging from its eye sockets and a unique tail-like appendage extending from the back of its head. Hovering just above, a large eight-handled wheel rotates dynamically, symbolizing complete harmony with Furu’s Incantation of the Ten Sacred Treasures. The Divine General completes its imposing appearance with black hakama bottoms and a white sash, adding an elegant touch to its lower body.

Boasting an innate ability to adapt to any encountered phenomena, Mahoraga showcases extraordinary resilience. When under attack, the eight-handled wheel turns, facilitating rapid adaptation. If the adversary attempts a repeated technique, Mahoraga expertly counters, demonstrating prowess in both defense and offense. This adaptability extends to efficiently breaking through opponents’ defenses with precision attacks

Mahoraga’s physical prowess is awe-inspiring, capable of shattering concrete or piercing through multiple buildings with a single mighty blow. Its armament, the Sword of Extermination, attached to its forearm and enveloped in positive energy, proves especially effective against cursed spirits The harmonious blend of Mahoraga’s versatility and strength solidifies its standing as the apex of the Ten Shadows Technique, an undefeated and untamed force that transcends the ages.

Unlock the secrets of Mahoraga’s might and witness the extraordinary power of the Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General in action.

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