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Souya Kawata (河かわ田た ソウヤ, Kawata Sōya?), also known as Angry (アングリー, Angurī?), is a pivotal character in the popular anime series, serving as the Fourth Division Vice-Captain (肆番隊 副隊長, Yonban-tai Fuku Taichō?) of the Tokyo Manji Gang. This anime series has garnered significant interest in online anime streaming platforms, making it a hot topic among manga and anime communities. He’s the younger twin brother of Nahoya Kawata. Notably short and slight in build, Angry’s unique physical attributes, including his voluminous curly bright turquoise hair and striking eye color, make him a fan-favorite in cosplay forums and Japanese pop culture discussions.

His signature style, characterized by the traditional Tokyo Manji Gang uniform, is often a topic of interest in anime fashion blogs, especially his habit of coordinating outfits with his brother. In the realm of anime leadership roles, Angry’s position as Fourth Division Vice-Captain highlights his capacity to lead a powerful gang division, a trait that resonates with fans discussing anime leadership and strategy on various online platforms.

Angry’s fighting prowess is a frequent subject in forums focusing on anime combat techniques, where he’s noted as an above-average fighter in Toman, although not as strong as his twin. His unique transformation into “The Crying Blue Ogre” – a state that boosts his strength significantly – is often cited in discussions about unique anime powers and abilities, especially following his remarkable defeat of the Haitani Brothers, Kanji Mochizuki, and Yasuhiro Muto. This transformation has sparked interest in anime character development and psychological analysis within the anime community.

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