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Eddie was an outright metalhead who rejected convention. Eddie loves to play Dungeons & Dragons with his buddies and is very knowledgeable about the game. He was loathed by many who didn’t understand him but adored by those who did. He was the Hellfire Club’s president. Due to his passion to Dungeons & Dragons, Eddie would not allow any campaigns to be canceled, and if a club member was unable to play on a certain evening, he or she would be forced to find a replacement.

Prominent groups like the Hawkins High basketball team and its captain, Jason Carver, were among the popular ones Eddie was known to despise. Despite this, Eddie treated Chrissy Cunningham, a well-liked cheerleader and Jason’s girlfriend, with a lot of kindness, indicating that he was inherently a compassionate guy.

Eddie was gregarious and humorous in general, but to those who didn’t know him well, he may come off as serious. He fought for authenticity and harbored a fierce contempt for conformity. People who were likely to presume the worst of him were alarmed by his passion.

Since he first picked up the guitar, he had demonstrated a passion for music by identifying and using obscure rock and metal allusions, such those to Steve Harrington. The conditions surrounding him are frequently understood via the usage of his allusions. Eddie’s space and style served as an extension of his hobbies. He was hilarious, but he could also be rather direct and opinionated at times.

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