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Episode Description

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 Episode 1

Inside, Sasaki hides from the monsters that are now stalking the fourth-floor corridors. Iguchi arrives beside her, but a minor curse has taken over his mind. The spotlight draws a larger curse from behind, which assaults Sasaki. When Megumi enters the building, she is met with another another curse. Megumi, who is capable of jujutsu defense, summons his Divine Dogs and orders them to feast on the opponent.

Yuji stands outside, unsure why he’s taking his time. He knows it’s because he’s afraid of death, although he wasn’t scared when his grandfather passed away. He considers the distinctions between his own death and that of his grandfather, recalling his remarks about assisting others.

Yuji saves his comrades with his extraordinary athleticism, allowing Megumi’s Dogs to devour the curse. Megumi admits he has no idea why Yuji assisted, but praises him anyhow. Yuji inquires about Megumi’s shikigami dogs, to which Megumi says that Yuji can see them because of his experience tonight. Yuji confesses he was terrified, but he acted because he wanted to prevent the catastrophe and give his buddies a decent send-off.

A curse falls down from the floor above them as Megumi is about to regain Ryomen Sukuna’s finger, a special grade cursed thing. Megumi accidentally knocks Yuji out of the way, and the curse captures her. He tries to call another shikigami: Nue, but the curse torments him and even throws the young magician out the window. His Divine Dogs are dispelled as a result of his injuries.

Yuji enters the fight before the curse can murder Megumi. He can’t injure a curse without spending cursed energy, despite his tremendous physical abilities. Yuji nearly drops the finger into the curse’s mouth after losing ground. He manages to catch it with his lips and chooses to consume it in order to acquire cursed energy in order to save everyone.

Despite Megumi’s reservations, Yuji eats the finger and becomes Ryomen Sukuna’s embodiment. Despite Yuji’s easy defeat of the curse, Megumi is apprehensive that this is the worst-case situation. Ryomen Sukuna has reincarnated and is only interested in annihilating humanity. Yuji sees that this era is ideal for massacring mankind, but by suppressing Sukuna, he regains control of his body. Megumi prepares to summon a shikigami and declares that he would exorcise the cursed Yuji Itadori in the midst of this.

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