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Mahito vs Yuji Itadori Episode 12

Yuji avoids the drill by grabbing the flesh wire that connects Mahito to the drill. The cursed spirit responds by growing spikes from the wire piercing Yuji’s hands. Despite the fact that Yuji knows Mahito can’t extend indefinitely, he takes the wire and swings him around before slamming him into a nearby building’s wall. Mahito shrugs off the onslaught, remarking that a normal person would release go of the wire.

Yuji stays on the attack, slamming his Divergent Fist into the ground and hurling himself toward Mahito at breakneck speed. Yuji strikes Mahito with a hard right uppercut to the body after faking high with his left hand and adjusting his guard. Mahito, on the other hand, strengthens his body to endure the impact, then produces spikes from it that pierce Yuji. Mahito is unimpressed and warns Yuji to switch with Sukuna or he will touch his soul.

Mahito is stopped by Sukuna, who demands to know where he belongs. This time, he simply forgives Mahito for having a chuckle at Yuji’s expense. While Mahito is dazed, Yuji takes the cursed spirit’s head and declares that he will not change with Sukuna and would only murder Mahito. Yuji slams a powerful headbutt into Mahito’s face again, injuring him. Yuji follows up with a strong roundhouse kick that slashes into Mahito’s face as the cursed spirit collapses to the ground.

As Yuji is about to complete his combo, Mahito comes behind him, his arm shaped like a mace’s head. Nanami arrives out of nowhere and utilizes his Ratio Technique to parry Mahito’s attack.

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